Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Writers who chat (and eat cake)

Day 10 of the journey - our heroine meets a companion

‘All for one and one for all!’ That's the succinct statement of comradeship devised by Alexandre Dumas for his famous quartet. The ‘true companions’ trope is excellently illustrated by d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. 

You'll find it used often in novels and films where the hero meets a like-minded person or persons on his journey, forming a ‘band of brothers’ who watch out for each other. Sometimes the companionship is brief but nonetheless the hero is strengthened by the friendship.

Such is the solitary nature of writing we don't often meet our companion scribes. But there are forums, Facebook and Twitter where writers can meet online to support each other. For example, I've just finished a most enjoyable hour on Twitter using the #writingchat hashtag to talk with my fellow writers. (The event happens every Wednesday, 8-9pm if you're a writer and would like to join in.)

But great though social media is, how much better it is when we get the opportunity to meet a fellow scribe in person. I met with two such colleagues earlier in the year, and another today. Although we have known each other online for a few years, it was lovely finally to sit down together and chat in real life. (An added bonus for me is that my companion today is an excellent baker of cakes.)

I wonder what the statement of comradeship should be for writers who chat? Perhaps ‘All for cake and cake for all!’ would be a suitable rallying cry.

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