Thursday, 13 July 2017

Quest for Quietness

Day 4 of the journey - our heroine sets out on a pilgrimage.

I am in library heaven. Gladstone’s Library is a wondrous place. I have wanted to come here for a long time and today I made that dream a reality. It was founded by former Prime Minister William Gladstone, opened in 1902 and became a residential library in 1906. There is a serenity to the place which I can't fittingly describe. The library itself is all polished wood and large tomes. The librarians speak only in whispers. There is no other sound apart from the gentle tapping on keypads.

The facilities are good too. The ‘Food For Thought’ bistro provides good food at reasonable prices. There is a separate lounge with deep cushioned armchairs and an honesty bar.  My ensuite bedroom is comfortable, with a view across the churchyard of St Deiniol’s.

Hawarden is just a mile away from the small village where I was born so I went on a pilgrimage. I think I found the right place although I can't be sure. I didn't recognise it from the last time I was there; I was probably too preoccupied being born. Somewhat disappointingly there was no plaque on the wall to record the birth of Mancot’s famous (or perhaps infamous?) daughter. One day, maybe.

And when I returned from my walk along the country lanes of North Wales, I sat in the library and did some real writing. Which is what my quest was intended to achieve.

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