Monday, 17 July 2017

Truth and Lies

Day 7 of the journey - our heroine must decide between truth and falsehood

I've left behind my Hawarden book haven and headed south along the Welsh border, round the Wrekin and am now in Shropshire. In the midlands they use the phrase ‘going round the Wrekin’ to mean taking the long way round, similar to the ‘round the houses’ expression used elsewhere. 

If you haven't heard the name before, the Wrekin is a local hill. Some people believe it to be an extinct volcano. Apparently this is not true.

There is another theory. It is said the Wrekin was formed when a load of earth was dumped on the ground by an angry giant. Maybe this is true.

The local river, the Teme, is renowned for its bearded monsters. Apparently this is true.

If you walk by the Teme in early evening as the sun is setting you will not be bitten by midges. This, most unfortunately, is not true.

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