Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bea Embarrassed

The best remembered lessons are learned the hard way.

Take yesterday. I spend the morning writing a story for a competition. It comes together beautifully but I am up against the clock. The deadline for entries is 12 midday. Eventually I am satisfied with the finished story. I type the email address; paste the story into the body of the message as per competition requirements; I have a final read through.  A good story, I am feeling quite confident.

At 11.56am I hit the ‘send’ button. And relax. Job done!

I go away to make a cup of tea to celebrate. I return to my computer ten minutes later to find a message waiting in my inbox: “Delivery status notification (failure)”. Check the sent item and find that in my haste I have mistyped the recipient’s address.

And because I sent it off at the very last minute, I am too late to resubmit.


Lessons learned:

1. Do not leave competition entries until the last minute

2. Check the address carefully

Still, on the positive side I have a completed story which may fit another market or competition. Maybe. And I have learned two valuable lessons.

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