Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bea Inspired

As writers, we need inspiration.

Writers are often asked: “Where do you find the inspiration for your stories?” “What led you to write that one?” The story I sold yesterday was inspired by the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 which falls this year. Not all soldiers and war heroes returned home to find the girl they loved waiting for them. Many had moved on. Likewise the war-weary men who returned home were not the innocent, idealistic boys who went away. Time and experience changes people. My story tells of two such young lovers reunited in 1945.

But inspiration is not just finding a tale to tell. Sometimes we need a kick up the backside. We need motivation to sit at the computer and write. I find that from fellow writers. Yesterday I learned that one of my Facebook writer friends had submitted 11 stories in one month to a single magazine. And sold most of them! Time for me to knuckle down, I think.

And if I become despondent when rejections are received, as they were last Friday, I find inspiration by the faith my family and friends have in my ability to write. And the ultimate inspiration is when an editor says, yes, we like your story and will pay you for it. Now typing an invoice – that is inspiring!

What or who inspires you?


  1. Reading your post has inspired me!
    Seriously, my tip is to surround yourself with people passionate about the craft, enthusiasm is infectious and you'll find you feed off each other...

  2. Thank you, Maria! Yes, enthusiasm is infectious. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy #writingchat on a Wednesday evening. There's a really positive vibe going on.