Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bea Happy!

What a difference a week makes! Last week I received news of the rejection of a short story I had submitted. This Monday I received news of the sale of a short story.

It is part of the rollercoaster of the new life I have chosen. Some submissions the editors like, others they do not. The real trick is not in writing the stories. For the most part that is the easy bit! No, the real skill is in pitching the right tale to the appropriate publication, in learning to understand what it is an editor requires.
Each time I receive a rejection, I learn a little more. Hence last week I was grateful for the rejection. But this week I got it right, and for that I am happy. Very happy! A sale is external validation of what I have done.
There are still eleven stories out there upon which I await a response. So I can sit here anxiously twiddling my thumbs, or I can get on with writing some more stories and submitting them. Which is what I shall do.

And in the words of the song, I shall try hard not to worry, but be happy!