Friday, 27 February 2015

Bea Diverse

Conducting research as to where to send my writing is fun. I buy a lot of magazines to analyse the type of stories and articles they publish and to discover what interests their readers. Most publications are a good read although there are one or two (no names mentioned!) which are cringe-worthy. Still each to their own and there are magazines and journals to suit every taste.

Many have a letters page or seek in some way to interact with their readers.
I recently came across two useful books both of which suggest using your writing skills to send in letters and fillers, hints and photographs. And so I thought, why not give it a go? Diversify a bit.

And hey, it worked! Out of the 20 letters I sent out in January, four have since been published. Perhaps I should make this a habit?
So many thanks to Linda Lewis and Maggie Cobbett for the encouragement.
  • Linda Lewis ‘How to Make £10 in Ten Minutes!’
  • Maggie Cobbett ‘Easy Money for Writers and Wannabes’

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