Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bea-ing Active

Writing is not the healthiest of careers, involving as it does so much time sitting down. I know that to get fit I need to be more active. To do so I need to begin slowly: run some, walk some.

To write well also requires regular mental exercise. When not used, the creative muscle can become flabby. It’s not always about the bigger enterprises; sometimes the little things help. Short pieces, longer pieces.

This last month I have had four pieces of writing published, two of them short, two longer:

·         80 word rant in Mslexia,

·         4 line poem in littlems (Mslexia’s baby sister).

·         Story “Violets” in the August edition of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special

·         Story “Sing it loud” in Issue 4 of Kishboo.co.uk

From a writing point of view, 80 words, or 4 lines, is not much. But from a writing fitness point of view, it has proved invaluable in keeping me going during my extended holiday. Now I have to build up my writing fitness again.

Perhaps I should also take some gentle physical exercise, maybe by walking more often? It may even help my creative thought processes.


  1. Congratulations on all those publications! (I read and enjoyed Violets)

    I find walking or gardening are good for coming up with ideas. Something to do with getting the blood flowing slightly faster perhaps?

    1. Glad you enjoyed 'Violets'. It's a story I enjoyed researching and writing.
      I had some exercise this weekend in the Lake District. The scenery has inspired many. Not many daffodils at this time of year, though.