Monday, 13 July 2015

Bea Z...?

When I began my blog in February 2015, I wanted a structure to help me focus and prevent me simply rambling.  I decided that my posts would be brief and each would be alphabetical. (I should explain here that I had not at that time heard of the A-Z Blogging Challenge before I began. What I thought was an original structure turns out not to be so. Sigh. Originality is so hard to achieve.)

The title would be my name followed by a single adjective or adverb to explain something about me, my writing journey, my successes and failures. Hence I began with ‘Bea Afraid’ and progressed steadily through the alphabet to ‘Bea Yearning’. Today I reach the letter Z and find myself, uncharacteristically, lost for words. For a writer that’s an uncomfortable position.

There aren’t many suitable descriptive words beginning with the letter Z: zany; zealous; zoological?  But none of them are appropriate to me today.

So instead I am reflecting on my first five months of blogging. I have appreciated the discipline of writing regularly. I have enjoyed occasions when readers have been kind enough to leave a comment. Even when postings have been without comment they have sometimes been shared on Twitter which is gratifying. But above all I have found the process worthwhile.

Now I have reached my 26th post I have decided to carry on blogging alphabetically. But perhaps next time I shall not limit myself to adjectives. It may make titles easier to find!


  1. Congratulations, Bea on reaching z... quite an achievement, and sometimes you don't feel like blogging, or wonder what to put. Then again, there's always something to say if you're a story-teller. Loving your blog, and look forward to more posts.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Susan. I have just returned from a much-extended holiday and ready to start blogging again!