Monday, 3 August 2015

Bea-ing Baffled

I have already admitted to technophobia in an earlier blog here.

Actually it’s not so much fear of technology that afflicts me, it is a lack of understanding.

They say that we accept without question anything which exists or is discovered in our youth. In our middle years new inventions are met with the attitude of ‘that’s interesting, let me find out more’. But in our later years innovations are considered the work of the devil and to be shunned at all cost.

I hope I am still in those middle years, interested in learning and applying new discoveries.

Things I would like to do through my blog include:

·         Attach photographs such as this carrot, the shape of which is somewhat baffling. (Woo hoo! I think I've done it!)

·         I would love to follow the blogs of many of my fellow writers but at times I find the link does not work.

·         Include guest postings

·         Attract new followers

What I need is a Fairy Techno-mother (or Techno-father, it’s not a gender specific rôle) to appear at my request to help me with the trickier tasks. Oh for that magic wand! In the meantime I shall carry on with my fumbling attempts until I work it out for myself.

Please bear with me while I carry on experimenting.

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