Monday, 8 April 2019

Right place? Wrong place?

Some advice please.
Which is the best forum for blog posting? I have accounts with both WordPress and Blogger. For a while I ran them both side by side. Then I decided I was getting more ‘hits’ through Blogger.
But for you as the reader, which is the easier on the eye? And is it any easier to leave comments on one site rather than the other? I’d appreciate some feedback. Please will you look at both sites, attempt to leave a comment on each, and by so doing tell me which you prefer.
Your choices are here on Blogger.
Or ‘the other place’ at
Thank you!


  1. I prefer the other blog, Bea. It has a more attractive design and layout.

  2. Hello Bea,
    I've left a longer comment on your other blog - I prefer the Wordpress blog.

  3. I think Wordpress wins the day!