Monday, 10 December 2018

Hi Ho, Silver Linings

Nine years ago my life changed overnight. The firm I was working for closed suddenly. My daily routine and purpose for getting up in the morning was taken away.
But there was a plus side. Forced redundancy meant I had more time to spend with my husband who had already retired. 

I applied for many jobs but, apart from the occasional temping opportunity and Christmas season retail positions, nobody wanted to employ me. 
But I signed up to a creative writing course and found that I loved it.

I missed daily camaraderie with my office colleagues.
But I discovered the welcoming world of the writing community.

The very first story I wrote during that course was published last year. It is in ‘Paws for Thought’, an ebook anthology which includes many excellent stories from some of my new friends in the writing community, many of whom are well-known and much respected authors. I am humbled to be in such good company.

And what is even better, all proceeds from the sale of the book are in support of the RSPCA, Halifax and Huddersfield branch. It costs only £2.99. You can buy a copy here. Please do. You will help our furry friends going through hard times find their silver lining.


  1. Lovely that that first story is included in the book, Bea. :-)

    1. The thrill of having one’s work published never tires, does it? By the way, many congratulations on your recent award, Carol.

    2. That first experience of having a story or article published never gets forgotten.

      Thank you Bea, the award reminds me I'm improving. :-)