Friday, 31 March 2017


If this were a travel blog, I'd be describing the eponymous city in County Limerick, Ireland.

But as I'm a writer my subject is poetry, specifically the form of verse brought to popular attention by Edward Lear in his 1846 'Book of Nonsense'. With its fixed rhyming structure (AABBA) and distinctive metre, limericks are easily identifiable.

At a recent meeting my writing group tried sequential limerick writing as an ice-breaker, each member adding one line in turn. It was fun and we ended up with some truly funny verses (many involving a certain Mr Trump!). From a writing perspective it was an interesting exercise, first to establish a main character, describe the setting, the inciting incident and finally a resolution. Just like writing any story.

I do have another tenuous Irish link to report. One of my stories has recently been published in Ireland's Own magazine. It's my first non UK publication. It's perhaps a little early to start boasting of international fame and fortune, but it's a start.

A writer from Tyneside called Bea
Had delusions of fame, and so she
Began to compose
In elegant prose
Her memoirs, parts one two and three.

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