Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bea Unique

Writers are often advised to find their own ‘voice’, to write as only they can and not to imitate others.

As a regular contributor to the womag market that is not always easy. Constrained by editors’ guidelines, by the magazine’s ethos and house style, it is necessary to adjust one’s work to suit the target market.

Entering work for competitions enables more freedom although even that imposes restraints. It is essential to observe the rules and conditions and follow the theme (if one is given). Is it necessary to have regard to the judge’s known preferences? Maybe not. We belittle their literary skills if we stereotype them within a specific genre.

It is liberating to write without limiting factors. Sometimes I will write for no other purpose than freewriting, placing words on the page to see where they take me. And they do indeed take me on a journey to some strange and unexpected places. One such example is the 75 word challenge of Paragraph Planet.

On Monday 25 May 2015, for one day only, my latest piece will be on their site. If you are reading this blog on Bank Holiday Monday you can catch it here. (If you miss it on the day, it will be available on the archive after 1st June.)

And despite writing within guidelines and to competition specifications, over time we do each develop our own writing style, that which makes our work unique.


  1. For the womag market we have to write original stories in a different way from everyone else - but not so original and different they don't fit in with all the others!

    1. It does seem an impossible challenge, doesn't it, Patsy? Be original and be different, but make sure it is what the magazine likes by reference to what it has published previously.