Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bea Sociable

Writing can be a lonely trade. We do have our characters to keep us company and amuse or amaze us with their exploits. Where did that come from? - I never planned for Suzie to storm out on her family. Who killed Archie? – that wasn’t in my mental draft. Sometimes they live so independently of the storyline I had so surely plotted that I almost believe they could be real.

But they’re not real. And in any event, so obsessed are they with their own lives they never take the time out to talk to me!

I’m not currently a member of a writing group or have a writing buddy. But I do value social media. I use Facebook for close interaction with a small circle of family, friends and newly found writer friends. Twitter opens up a much larger world. I like the brevity of the 140 character conversations, listening in to others, joining in a conversation that interests me, seeing what my fellow writers are up to.

But when I really want a chat about writing, I join a group of like-minded writers on Wednesday evenings between 8 – 9pm UK time. We meet online for a general natter, to share ideas, learn from each other and indulge in some light hearted banter. You can find us using the hashtag #writingchat.

Why not be sociable, pop along on a Wednesday evening and say hello?



  1. Yes, hoping to Bea, it's good fun isn't it? One of my characters was quite shy and didn't say much, then I did the nano challenge, and added to my words. Suddenly, she went and got a bar job, started drinking, contemplated jumping in the canal, and then went home and had a row with her lovely landlady. Not sure where it came from, but she was too boring and now she's more fun.

    1. I do so love the way characters do that!

      It was good to chat to you on Wednesday night.

  2. The main character I'm writing is currently spending a lot of time eyeing up a girl in jodhpurs, so I need to get out of his head fairly often.

    #writingchat is great fun and I find it encouraging as well as sometimes picking up useful tips and ideas.

    1. We're writers, character-specific voyeurism is quite acceptable.

      Many thanks to you and Maria for setting up #writing chat.