Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bea Patient

Good news today. I have a short story published in the current edition of The People’s Friend (25 April 2015 edition should you wish to buy it!). I have already had several non-fiction articles and fillers published in this magazine. But “Take a Break” is the first of my fictional tales which they have printed.

It’s been a long time coming. The story was written and submitted in November 2013. Yes, 2013! I waited, as you do, but there was no news. I thought perhaps it had vanished into a black hole of my imagining behind a filing cabinet. After 3 months I chased. ‘No problem,’ they said, ‘your story is still here and is going through our reading process.’ I waited some more.

Finally, 6 months after submission, they said YES. They paid me. Then I waited, eagerly anticipating publication day. And waited. And waited.

Until today! And I love what they have done with it: a few subtle edits, a fun strap line and a beautiful illustration by the talented Jim Dewar. My ‘light hearted story’ is ready for the world to read.

So from submission to sale: 6 months.
From sale to publication: 11 months.
17 months in total. It pays to be patient.


  1. Congratulations!

    If you factor in that sometimes it can take quite a while from the initial idea to the finished submission ready story, we have to be very patient indeed.

  2. It is a virtue, and we are of course virtuous people, Patsy ;-)

  3. Well done, Beatrice, it's a lovely story. And you're so right about needing patience... submission to publication is a long old process :)

  4. Thank you, Emma. Glad you liked the story. I'm still learning the need for patience.

  5. Well done for being so patient Bea. I've almost given up on them, but you have given me hope, so thanks for that 😊

  6. Don't give up, Suzy. I'm a great believer in perseverance paying off in the end.