Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I haven't written much in the last few months. But on January 1st I vowed to change all that. New Year, new start, etc. My plan was to ease myself back in with a fresh blog post every week, to try a few bits of flash, reader's letters, etc. Then to move on up to writing short stories again on a regular basis.
Then my computer died and all my good intentions fell apart. In high dudgeon I took what couldn't be saved to the tip and Freecycled the best of it. I've not written anything since (unless Facebook and Twitter count?). 

But truthfully I never had a valid excuse not to return to my desk. What did writers use before computers were invented? Good old fashioned pen and paper of course. I still have plenty of those.

Then typewriters - not that I'd dare use this antiquity which belongs to my brother. It's purely decorative but it acts as a reminder of why I like my modern keyboard so much.

So I've bought a new computer which was installed yesterday. Now I have no excuse. The hardware is all set up. Here I go. Ready, steady... write!


  1. I can't imagine writing whole books by hand, or even on a typewriter – very glad I don't have to and can easily understand why the lack of a computer meant you didn't get any real writing done.

    1. I'm amazed when I see what the Brontes, Jane Austen and others achieved when writing by hand and in minuscule print. We really do have it easy in this technology-rich age.