Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bea Newsworthy

How exciting! I have an article published in the current edition of Writers’ Forum magazine (issue #163, May 2015). It is a 200 word news item which reports on the change in management of the excellent womagwriter blog. 

Like many people who aspire to publication in the women’s fiction magazine market, I find the womagwriter blog essential reading. It was originally set up by Kath McGurl but has recently changed hands to Patsy Collins, who I should add is doing an excellent job. If you are interested in the women’s magazine market then do check the blog out.
(By the way, if you can speak Danish, Patsy would be very pleased to hear from you. You’ll have to read the blog to find out why!)
Another piece of good news received today is that my 80 word ‘Rave’ is to be published in the next edition of Mslexia magazine, due out June 2015. Neither of these pieces of writing is lengthy but their publication makes me very happy.
Have you received any good news recently, large or small?


  1. Well done on those successes, Beatrice.

    I agree about the womagwriter blog - it was the first one I came across when I was looking for writing advice online and it's proved invaluable over the years.


    1. Where would many of us be without womagwriter blog?