Friday, 19 October 2018


Can a 🖼 🎨 a 1000 words? (Musical question asked by David🚪🚪of 🍞 in 1971.)

In the interests of linguistic development:

The stunning new desk
(Photograph by Jesmond Library)
Tomorrow at 🕘 I shall be on duty👩🏼‍💼in the 📚🏫. My duties include 🖨 🖥 🗂🗄📖🗞📆 and making ☕️.

It is the perfect job for a 📚🐛

I may do a lot of 🤷🏼‍♀️ but will try not to do much of 🤫.

Emojis? Sorry, they’re not for me. Words are better. Books are cool. Libraries rock!


  1. Books are definitely cool- and hot sometimes. Libraries rock too and like rocks they can build a sturdy foundation for the future. ;)

    1. So true, Carol. It’s encouraging how many parents bring their children to the library to begin laying that foundation.