Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Journey's End

Day 23 - our heroine returns

I'm home! It's a little over three weeks since my adventure began. I've had a wonderful time visiting different places and meeting so many wonderful people. I've travelled 1,500 miles. But I am ready now to return to normality. 

Which begs the question: what is normal? Over the next few weeks I am going to discover the answer to that conundrum as I work out a new rhythm to my life, hopefully with a greater focus on my writing.

Mslexia’s newsletter
I was chuffed to see that Mslexia had picked up my suggestions for two new words, submitted whilst I was in Hay and published today in their Littlems newsletter. There's no money for the publication, just the glory (ha!) of having my name connected to such an august magazine, but I'm very happy to see Beatrice Charles in print again. I shall take it as a promise of things to come.


...when only a new word will do

partache (n.) the sorrow experienced when an actor fails to portray a character in the manner you had imagined when reading the novel

direlogue (n.) badly written conversation

Thanks to Beatrice Charles for the first two contributions"


  1. Glad you had a great journey! Now for the next! I'm planning a journey myself for December! Love the MsLexicion words. At first though I was pronouncing partache as 'partash'! Duh. I'm a bit partachey about Demelza in Poldark!

    1. Hope your journey is as much fun as mine was. Will you be blogging about it?
      Partache has raised a few comments - something a lot of readers have experienced with TV/film adaptations. Cadfael was my disappointment - as wonderful as Derek Jacobi was, he wasn't 'my' Cadfael.

  2. It's been fun sharing your adventures via your daily posts, thank you.

    I do like your two new words, perfect for their explanations. :-)

    1. So glad you enjoyed both my journey blog and the Mslexicon contributions, Carol. Thanks for stopping by.