Monday, 14 December 2015

Bea-ing Poetic

If we met at a party and you asked me what I do, I would reply, “I’m a writer. I write short stories and non-fiction articles.” I haven’t always been so bold. It took a long time for me to have the confidence to call myself a writer. It was my first sale that gave me the courage to do so, the affirmation that comes from an editor saying, ‘We like this and will pay you - please send an invoice”.

Apparently I am also a poet. It says so here in Mslexia so it must be true.

From Mslexia, Issue 68 (Dec 2015)
I don’t write poetry very often. When I do it is invariably short and often best described as doggerel. What Mslexia have published here in the current edition was written with my tongue firmly pressed against the inside of my cheek. It is of course undisguised plagiarism and unashamed fawning. I certainly didn’t expect to be described as “a poet” on the basis of those 4 lines!

Although I won £20 once for a haiku, which must surely reveal some poetic literary merit:

She writes in stillness
The better to feel the words
Dancing in her head

How do you describe yourself to strangers? Novelist, writer, poet, journalist? Do you answer confidently or hesitate?

So as it’s Christmas and I’m feeling frivolous, let’s have some fun. Comment on this blog (or favourite / retweet / like on social media) and I will endeavour to reply to you poetically here.


  1. A poem for Sharon and Keith:
    They have articles and stories
    Poems and things to do
    It's free online, on android too
    My favourite mag: Kishboo!

  2. @MarkusAlmond, he's your man
    You'll find his book on Amazon.
    If at a party, you're feeling cowed,
    Take your cue from Markus and SHOUT OUT LOUD!

  3. I do say I'm a writer with a reasonable amount of confidence - then mumble gibberish if I'm asked about it.

    1. Patsy's a proud writer
      WOMAGWRITER is her blog
      But what her fireman Hamish did
      Well I'm really quite agog!

    2. Thank you. Poetry and a plug for my book in one! That IS impressive!!!

  4. I write as a hobby and I'm officially retired from paid work. But I think you should be able to call yourself a writer if it's the main topic of interest that occupies your mind. In my case I'm a dabbler; I knit, I draw and I write, but I can have quite lengthy periods between any of them. I find myself returning to each with renewed interest. Sadly I can't really call myself a writer.

    1. I like that definition, Maggie, 'the main topic of interest that occupies your mind'. Hence I'm not really a poet.

      Maggie's always busy
      She writes, she draws, she knits.
      She never stops, she's on the go
      What's more, she never quits

    2. I like that! You're well on your way.

  5. This one is for Sheila, thanks for the 'like' on Facebook:

    Sheila is a special lass
    My number one best fan.
    When I doubt I'm good enough, I know
    That with her help, I am

  6. @heather91404743 Thanks for the retweet.

    Heather is the queen of flash
    And of poems too
    She'll pen you a sonnet
    From Paragraph Planet
    And write a smart haiku

  7. Lovely! Thank you very much. :)

  8. Hello, Bea. I tell people I write because I'm proud of it and I've been writing for years. I do get paid sometimes, but have to do a part time job to make sure of eating and getting bills paid. Alan is my nuber one fan and runs ahead of me telling people 'Sue's got a book out,' then they say, oh, tell us more, and I have to smile and say, ............

    1. if you go to Redington
      And meet a glamorous Gran
      You'll know it's Sue
      If she's introduced to you
      By Alan, her greatest fan

  9. Thanks, Bea, I love it. You're good at these personal poems and I think you've got a new career forging ahead. Now I'm going to print that out and put your name at the bottom of course, and pin it above my desk.

  10. Thanks to @sherrid555 for RTs and comments on Twitter. Here's your poem:

    If I were you, I’d be wary
    And never trifle with Sherri
    You may think she only reads cook books
    But this PA’s much tougher than she looks
    So please don’t shorten your trains, or worse,
    ‘Cos she’ll reprimand you in rhyming verse

  11. What a star you are!! I love it thank you xx

  12. What a star you are!! I love it thank you xx